About Laaroussi Design company

logolaaroussiThe three year running company, LaarossiDesign was formed by R.S. Laaroussi and his wife whom origin are Moroccan but were born and raised in Holland (Amsterdam).

They left Amsterdam and lived in Spain for several years, where they got very inspired by the Andalucian, modern Western and Moroccan furniture.

In 2013  they decided to move to Morocco to start a business in fabricating original designer furniture because they loved the mix between the modern western and moroccan style and wanted  to create a brand of their own with the combination of those types of styles.

Not only is it combining the two styles together, they also add their own creative and extraordinary touch to it.

It became a family business now as their daughter has joined the company as well.

As they got a lot of positive feedback and requests to do their whole interior with a turn key policy….

And so the company was formed….

The production is 90% handcrafted by Moroccan artisans using traditional and modern techniques in Morocco.